Does Costco Top Tier gas contain ethanol?

In order to capture sediment, water, or phase-separated ethanol and water mixtures, Costco uses ethanol-compatible filters.

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Does premium gas have ethanol in it?

Premium gas doesnt offer any additional power or better additives than regular gas, and it contains the same amount of ethanol as other grades; it simply resists detonation (knock) better than lower-octane gas—nothing more, nothing less. Is Premium or Mid-Grade Fuel Worth the Extra Money?

Does Costco gas have additives?

Costco gasoline has always contained these detergent additives, according to Jeff, and this is in addition to the US government standard adopted in 1995 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which mandates that all gasoline sold in the nation contain a minimum level of detergent additives.
Which gas station has the best quality gas?
Chevron. Chevron is one of the biggest national chains in the United States, with over 7,800 locations, and while some of its gas stations provide convenient food marts, one in North Hollywood goes above and beyond simply selling fuel.

The fuel is typically labeled E10, which stands for a blend of 10% ethanol.
Is Costco gas good for BMW?
Costco gas is perfect and reliable; we use it in all of our BMWs and other vehicles, including my BMW m8 v8 with twin turbos. Kirkland Signature gas satisfies all Top Tier requirements, including Regular, Premium, and Diesel.

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