Is Costco gas good for BMW?

Costco gas is perfect and reliable; we use it in all of our BMWs and other vehicles, including my BMW m8 v8 with twin turbos. Kirkland Signature gas satisfies all Top Tier requirements, including Regular, Premium, and Diesel.

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What is the best gas for BMW?

The best gas for a BMW is premium gasoline, which has a higher octane rating and is better suited for high compression engines than regular gas, which only has an octane rating of 87. So, what kind of gas does a BMW take? As we previously stated, premium gasoline is the best gas for BMW models.

Is Costco gas good for your car?

Kirkland Signature fuel meets Top Tier standards, which means it has deposit control additives to clean your engine and help it run more efficiently. Although Costcos gas is frequently the cheapest in town, it is still of high quality.
Is Costco fuel good for car?
Costco fuel stations are well-maintained by our qualified attendants so you can be confident that the fuel going into your car is clean. good station operation and maintenance means the fuel is filtered and that contaminants, such as sediment and water, do not find their way into our members vehicles.

Its all about the marketing dollars and has nothing to do with the product being good, bad, or better, except that Shell/Pennzoil products (as well as previous fuel / oil brands recommended by BMW) have been VERY good products.

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